UPDATE - 5/3/22 - Winners of the $10,000 Easter Egg Hunt Prizes:

$10,000 Easter Egg Hunt PRIZES email
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Air Fryer (1)  yola…[email protected]
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In celebration of Bristol Motor Speedway’s Food City Dirt Race on Easter weekend, April 15-17, speedway officials have launched today an EGGGGGGstravaganza of ways for race fans to win prizes during the next two weeks.

First, if you happen to spot a large Easter Egg with a Speedway Motorsports Globe decal on it, don’t be alarmed. In fact, you should celebrate. Your day is about to get better through the BMS Random Acts of Kindness Tour.

At the same time, BMS officials are encouraging everyone to participate in a special $10,000 Easter Egg Hunt where lots of amazing prizes will be up for grabs.

BMS Random Acts of Kindness Tour

Bristol Motor Speedway officials are distributing some very special Easter treasures throughout the Tri-Cities (Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City) this week as part of the BMS Random Acts of Kindness Tour.

The BMS Easter Eggs could be anywhere: In the produce section at a Food City store, perhaps at your favorite downtown eatery, in the golf section at your local Bass Pro Shops, tucked away somewhere on a college campus or even placed on your car in a parking lot.

The special BMS Easter Eggs will contain some amazing goodies, like race tickets, gift cards, racing-themed collectibles, Easter candy and more. If you find one of these BMS Easter Eggs it’s yours to keep.

“We wanted to spread some love to the wonderful folks in the Appalachian Highlands region by doing some random acts of kindness as the anticipation builds for the upcoming Food City Dirt Race weekend,” said Jerry Caldwell, president of Bristol Motor Speedway. “We thought this was a good way to let the community know that we are thinking of them and we appreciate them by hiding some Easter Eggs that will ultimately brighten someone’s day.”

BMS $10,000 Easter Egg Hunt

If you don’t find one of the BMS Easter Eggs, don’t worry, you can still win some incredible prizes.

This week BMS launched its $10,000 Easter Egg Hunt, where race fans will look for special BMS Easter Eggs hidden throughout participating businesses in the Tri-Cities as well as at various locations around Bristol Motor Speedway property. These virtual eggs will have a QR Code worth points. Fans who collect 500 points or more will become eligible to win some wonderful prizes, like gift cards to Food City and Bass Pro Shops, Pizza for a year from Dominos, a First Horizon Bank gift pack, Tailgate gear from Coca-Cola, a free cabin stay from Visit My Smokies and much more. You can check out the full list of prizes and participating locations by visiting the BMS website.

“We wanted to create a fun Easter Egg Hunt for all of our fans to be able to enjoy one of the best traditions of the holiday,” Caldwell said. “We have some really cool prizes available for those who are able to find 500 eggs during their search. We wish everyone happy hunting!”

To participate in the BMS $10,000 Easter Egg Hunt, you will need to download the special app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded those apps, simply sign in and start collecting your eggs.

Participating businesses include the First Horizon Bank on Volunteer Parkway in Bristol; Food City stores in Bristol, Piney Flats and Blountville; Dominos locations in Bristol, Elizabethton and Johnson City; and the Bass Pro Shops store in Bristol.

BMS locations include the It’s Bristol Baby sign, Sugarlands display in the Fan Zone, the Food City Fan Zone Stage, midway and fan zone displays for O’Reilly Auto Parts, Bass Pro Shops, Bold Rock, Chevrolet, Pit Boss, Coca-Cola, Bush’s Beans and Dominos.

Easter Egg Hunts in the BMS Kids Zone

And don’t worry, there will also be some fun Easter Egg hunts on the BMS property for kids during the race weekend. The BMS Kids Zone will be a hot spot for egg hunts, as the colorful gems will be hidden between the Kids Zone and the Guest Welcome Village in the BMS Fan Zone. The first 500 kids to visit the BMS Kids Zone will receive a special BMS Easter Basket.

There will also be plenty of Easter activities taking place in the Kids Zone as well as a special appearance by the Easter Bunny on Sunday afternoon. Photo ops will be allowed with the Easter Bunny.

The Food City Dirt Race weekend starts on Good Friday with Bush’s Beans Practice Day that will have both the NASCAR Cup Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series machines on track for two 50-minute practice sessions during the afternoon.

On Saturday, Bush’s Beans Qualifying will be held for both Cup and Truck competitors with each series participating in four blind-draw 15-lap qualifying heat races to set the fields for the main races. The Pinty’s Truck Race on Dirt will follow Bush’s Beans Qualifying with an 8 p.m. (ET) start (FS1, MRN Radio, Sirius XM NASCAR Radio).

The green flag for the Food City Dirt Race is scheduled to drop at 7 p.m. (FOX, PRN Radio and Sirius XM NASCAR Radio) on Easter Sunday evening.

Fans will want to take advantage of all of the fun activities taking place during the weekend. The BMS Fan Zone has plenty of action going on, highlighted by driver appearances, music, games and prizes at the Food City Fan Zone Stage. On Saturday night, country music artist Tim Dugger will perform during the post-race concert at the Food City Fan Zone Stage. On Sunday at 4 p.m., BMS will host a very special Easter Celebration in the Fan Midway, which will be headlined by Chris Tomlin, Max Lucado and former Rascal Flatts lead singer Gary LeVox.

For additional information or to purchase tickets, please visit www.bristolmotorspeedway.com. If you prefer to make your ticket purchases over the phone, you can also call the BMS Ticket Office at (866) 415-4158.