Cleetus McFarland and his many friends had an amazing time at Bristol Motor Speedway on Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend. From a parade of intense, smoky burnouts by a wide variety of vehicles on Saturday to high-flying Stadium Super Truck races on both days and the thrilling Bristol 1000 on Sunday afternoon, the action was amazing for hot-rodding enthusiasts, gearheads and speed lovers of all kinds. 

Digital creator, TV personality and professional driver Brad DeBerti claimed the victory in the Bristol 1000 at the controls of his No. 70 Crown Vic sedan.

In this photo gallery by BMS track photographer Earl Neikirk, you will see a glimpse of the action that took place during the Cleetus & Cars and Bristol 1000. 

To find out more about the event, please visit Cleetus McFarland's YouTube page by clicking here.