Veteran driver Jon Lisenbee, of Weaverville, N.C., earned an emotional first career victory in Saturday's Bandit Big Rig Series event at Bristol Motor Speedway, holding off all challengers to claim the trophy at the inaugural Bandit Bristol Battle.

Lisenbee, nicknamed "Red Beard," took advantage of a crash on lap 21 involving Brian Bayer that brought out a late caution. Lisenbee then powered his No. 7 rig past race-long leader Randy Briggs on lap 23 and charged to the front. He rumbled on to take the checkered flag at the historic half-mile all-concrete high-banked oval, ahead of second place finisher Scott Treadway and third place finisher Marshall "Pig Pen" Davis. Briggs, who led the first 22 laps, finished fourth.

"Just being here is amazing, knowing you've run the same track that all the greats have," said Lisenbee, who earned $10,000 for the victory. "All of my family was here tonight, so that was special, and this is the first win for me. We've had some chances in the past but fell short, but tonight everything came together to get the win. I just looked at my tires and they looked as good as they did when we started. The caution at the end helped us a little bit. It's Bristol, baby!!!"

Ricky "Rude" Proffitt, whose hopes for another season championship were put in jeopardy when he crashed out of the 15-lap #2 Challenge Race earlier in the afternoon, rallied in the main race to finish fifth in his colorful No. 14 rig, which proved to be good enough to claim the championship title.

Proffitt won Heat Race #2 and finished second in the popular Bandit Shootout Races, which added to his championship points total. Proffitt claimed the season championship by only three points over second place series finisher Mark Noble, who finished sixth in the main feature race.

"It's incredible," Proffitt said, who won $20,000, a custom ring and trophy for scoring his third consecutive series crown. "I'd like to thank the Lord first of all. I've got a great team behind me with my wife and kids. This is awesome. It came down to nothing. It was 13 points coming in here and I think I won it by three. My stomach has been in knots. To win this three times in a row, all it's done has made the target that much bigger on my back. I'm going to go for a fourth next year."

Other race winners during the day included: Darren Proffitt (Heat Race No. 1); Ricky Proffitt (Heat Race No. 2); Mark Noble (Heat Race No. 3); Darren Proffitt (Bandit Shootout); Allen Boles (Bandit Challenge Race No. 1); Mark Noble (Bandit Challenge Race No. 2); Jon Lisenbee (Bandit Top Qualifier).

Bandit Bristol Battle (30-lap) unofficial results
1. #7 Jon Lisenbee  
2. #4 Scott Treadway  
3. #41 Marshall Davis  
4. #16 Randy Briggs  
5. #14 Ricky Proffitt 
6. #74 Mark Noble
7. #3 Allen Boles
8. #27 Darren Proffitt
9. #66 Austin Hoppe  
10. #51 Luke Whitmire
11. #69 Brian Bayer
12. #55 Craig Kruckeberg
13. #8 Doug Hilson
14. #88 Mike Morgan
15. #13 Bob Mitchell
16. #46 Brian Cash
Heat Race No. 1 results
1. #27 Darren Proffitt
2. #51 Luke Whitmire
3. #8 Doug Hillson
4. #66 Austin Hoppe
5. #88 Mike Morgan
6. #46 Brian Cash

Heat Race No. 2 results
1. #14 Ricky Proffitt
2. #69 Brian Bayer
3. #55 Craig Kruckeberg
4. #4 Scott Treadway
5. #13 Bob Mitchell

Heat Race No. 3 results
1. #74 Mark Noble
2. #41 Marshall Davis
3. #16 Randy Briggs
4. #3 Allen Boles
5. #7 Jon Lisenbee

Bandit Shootout Results (Wins)
#27 Darren Proffitt 4-wins
#14 Ricky Rude Proffitt 2-wins
#69 Brian Bayer 2-wins
#88 Mike Morgan 1-win
#4 Scott Treadway 1-win
#74 Mark Noble 1-win
#41 Marshall Davis 1-win
#16 Randy Briggs 1-win
# 3 Allen Boles 1-win
#7 Jon Lisenbee 1-win

Bandit Challenge Race #1 Results
1. #3 Allen Boles
2. #7 Jon Lisenbee
3. #88 Mike Morgan
4. #66 Austin Hoppe
5. #4 Scott Treadway
6. #8 Doug Hillson
7. #13 Bob Mitchell
8. #46 Brian Cash

Bandit Challenge Race #2 Results
1. #74 Mark Noble
2. #41 Marshall Davis
3. #51 Luke Whitmire
4. #69 Brian Bayer
5. #16 Randy Briggs
6. #27 Darren Proffitt
7. #55 Craig Kruckeberg
8. #14 Ricky Rude Proffitt (DNF)

Bandit Big Rigs Qualifying Order, Bristol
1. #7 Jon Lisenbee
2. #3 Allen Boles
3. #16 Randy Briggs
4. #41 Marshall Davis
5. #74 Mark Noble
6. #4 Scott Treadway
7. #55 Craig Kruckeberg
8. #69 Brian Bayer
9. #13 Bob Mitchell
10. #14 Ricky Rude Proffitt
11. #88 Mike Morgan
12. #51 Luke Whitmire
13. #8 Doug Hillson
14. #66 Austin Hoppe
15. #27 Darren Proffitt
16. #46 Brian Cash